Cottage Food

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The Colorado Cottage Food Act allows for the sale and serving of selected foods to the public that are prepared in the home or other unlicensed kitchens, with certain restrictions and training requirements. Tri-County Health Department can help you determine if your foods qualify under the Colorado Cottage Food Act:

Jarred Herbs and Spices

Education Requirements
The Colorado Cottage Food Act requires "producers to take a food safety course that includes basic food handling training and is comparable to, or is a course given by, the Colorado State University Extension Service or a state, county, or district public health agency, and must maintain a status of good standing in accordance with the course requirements, including attending any additional classes if necessary." Safe food handling courses should include topics on safe food sources, personal hygiene, sanitation of equipment, worker illness, food temperature control, safe water, sewage disposal, pest control, proper hand washing, and control of toxins.

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