Health Alert Network (HAN)

The Health Alert Network (HAN) provides a method of sharing information about urgent public health incidents with local partners. The HAN provides a robust interoperable platform for the rapid distribution of public health information.

Classification Levels

There are several HAN classification levels as defined by the CDC which are used by Tri-County Health Department HAN to classify messages and the urgency of the message. Each HAN classification level is clearly stated at the beginning of each communication. This is to aid in quick identification and differentiation of HAN messages from other types of communications.

These categories are listed below:

  • HAN Alert - conveys the highest level of importance, warrants immediate action
  • HAN Advisory - provides important information for a specific incident, may not require immediate action
  • HAN Update - provides updated information regarding an incident or situation, unlikely to require immediate action
  • HAN Public Health Brief – For your information, does not require action
  • HAN Test / Exercise / Drill – used during system tests

If you are interested in receiving Tri-County Health Department HAN Notifications, please contact Julie Ross.

* Note to HAN Recipients: Due to changes regarding distribution instructions for Health Alert Network messages from the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE), Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) will only post HAN messages to our website originated from CDPHE when indicated allowable to post on public sites. TCHD will continue to post HAN messages from CDC, TCHD Quarterly Infectious Disease Tidbit Public Health Briefs and other messaging TCHD develops internally. If you are unable to open PDF email attachments or do not receive all faxed pages of a HAN message, please contact Julie Ross at or 720-200-1477.

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