Water Issues

Water is essential to life.  The drinking water we receive comes from ground water, streams, lakes and springs.  Therefore, protecting source water from contamination and treating drinking water to eliminate germs are both crucial to providing safe water for the public.  

When it comes to water, public health concerns include pollution prevention, water quality testing, waterborne disease prevention and fluoridation of drinking water to prevent cavities.  Contaminated drinking water can expose people to waterborne pathogens including cryptosporidium and giardia. 


Wells - Contains information on how to care for your well and links to well permitting through the Colorado Division of Water Resources.  

Water Testing - Includes information on laboratories that test private well water, suggestions on what to test for, and how to interpret test results.  

Drinking Water - Covers drinking water regulations for water provider, information on water quality parameters such as water hardness and lead, and Toolkits for Small Water Systems that undergo periodic sanitary surveys to ensure they are delivering water that meets or exceeds federal and state regulatory standards.  

Conservation - Covers topics such as graywater use and rainwater harvesting.