Immigrant and Refugee Health

Vaccinations for Refugees

All Refugees need vaccinated prior to applying for their green card.  Refugee children also need to be vaccinated for school.  Tri-County Health Department offers all required vaccines for Refugees.  

Medicaid is accepted (not Kaiser or Denver Health Medicaid) and will pay for all required refugee vaccinations.  For Refugees without Medicaid or Private Health Insurance, vaccinations will be provided at low cost.  For Refugees with Private Health Insurance, it is recommended that vaccinations are completed at your doctor's office.  Tri-County can not bill Private Insurance.    
Refugee vaccinations are by appointment only.  Please call the Immunization Hotline for an appointment, translation is available, 303-451-0123.

I-693/'Do Not Open' Envelope/Green Card Paperwork

The green card application requires a civil surgeon completed I-693 form.  Tri-County Health Department offers this service for $25 per person, and places the form in a 'do not open' envelope. 

Refugee I-693 form completion is done by appointment only.  Please call the Immunization Hotline for an appointment, translation is available, 303-451-0123.   


If you have any questions please call the Immunization Hotline at 303-451-0123.