Access to Care: Healthy Communities Program 

For Citizens

If you live in Adams, Arapahoe or Douglas County, our Healthy Communities program may be able to assist you in basic non-medical issues for clients aged 0-20 years and pregnant women on Medicaid (MDK) or Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+).

Program Information

We may be able to help you:
  • Find a doctor, dentist, specialist, or other service accepting Medicaid or CHP+ health insurance
  • Find clothing, food, shelter, employment services, and other resources in your community
  • Help coordinate transportation to and from medical offices and your home
  • Help you understand when it is best to go to your healthcare provider, or urgent care center, or Emergency Department
  • Help you with basic questions about your Medicaid or CHP+ benefits
  • Help you apply for Medicaid or CHP+ health insurance and determine if you may qualify for these benefits
  • Help you setup an account on your computer for Colorado PEAK to apply for benefits, or make future changes such as updating your address, phone number, or reporting a newly born baby

For Healthcare Providers

If you are a healthcare provider for Adams, Arapahoe or Douglas County, our Healthy Communities program can help you contact Medicaid or CHP+ patients regarding referrals to a specialist, an unnecessary Emergency Department visit, or a missed appointment in your office.
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