Peak Wellness

We no longer will be providing Peak Wellness Services.

Resources for breast or cervical cancer screenings:

If you are looking for breast or cervical cancer screening services and do not have insurance with a limited family income, you may qualify for services from the Women's Wellness Connection program.  Eligibility requirements and detailed information is provided, and you can find a provider near you. Screenings for heart disease including blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol are also available. 

Birth Control and Family Planning:

If you are interested in family planning services such as an annual health exam and birth control, please contact our call center at 303-363-3018.

Resources for diabetes and heart disease screenings:

If you are interested in receiving diabetes and heart health screenings such as blood pressure and cholesterol, please contact our Community Health Worker, Clinton Whatley at 303-363-3034.

If you are interested in participating in a lifestyle change program to prevent your risk of developing diabetes, check this out--