Tri-County Health Department issues Bid Requests and Requests for Proposals (RFPs) when in need of goods or services. Current Bid/RFP documents can be found on our Bid Postings page.

Once on the Bid Postings page, click on the project title to view the posting. The request can be found in the Related Documents section along with any other supplemental information posted for the Bid/RFP. Unless otherwise specified in the Bid/RFP document, responses/submissions should be sent to the bids@tchd.org email address.

Vendors or the public can register on our website to receive email notifications of new Bid/RFP postings through the link to sign up at the top of the Bid Postings Page.

If you download a Bid/RFP, be sure to download all documents.  Amendments may be issued at any time subsequent to the publishing of a Bid/RFP.  It is the responsibility of each respondent to acquire, include and respond to all amendments. Therefore, vendors must check the website for the most current information up until the time of Bid/RFP closing.

Each Bid/RFP contains the specification, procurement requirements, and terms and conditions governing the contract to be awarded.  Vendors should carefully read the entire Bid/RFP document and review their response prior to submission to ensure it meets all of the requirements.  Awarded vendors will be held responsible for understanding the contents of the Bid/RFP and performing accordingly.  By submitting a response, the vendor acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Bid/RFP and associated contract.

All Bids/RFPs identify a specific closing date and time.  Vendors may review and change their bids/proposals up until the closing date/time. It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure that all responses are finalized and submitted in their entirety prior to the closing date and time.