Syringe Disposal

Never share needles. Prevent HIV and Hep C.

Find out where you can get rid of your used syringes

At this time we are not able to pick up used/unused syringes but you can access this list of local sharps collection programs.

Tips to safely dispose of your used syringes

  • Use an FDA approved sharps disposal container to collect syringes after use. 
  • If one is not available, you may also place used syringes in your own thick, plastic container (empty laundry detergent or bleach bottle) until the container is three-quarters full.
  • Do not use soft plastic containers (plastic milk/soda/water bottles) or anything glass.  
  • Once container is full, screw the lid on tightly, and use strong tape to further secure it. 
  • Label the container as "Used Sharps".
  • Place the sealed container in your household trash on the day it gets picked up. (Make sure to store the sealed container away from pets and children).

Disposal of used syringes out in the community

If you come across used syringes that have been discarded in a public place and would like more information about clean-up, please call us at (303)363-3077