Heroin and Prescription Drugs

Heroin and prescription drug misuse and abuse are serious problems both nationally and here in Colorado. Each year, hundreds of people die from overdose. Fortunately, overdose deaths are preventable. Education and awareness of the factors leading to overdose can reduce opioid related deaths in our community. 

Prescription Drug and Heroin Crisis: Data and Maps

Tri-County Overdose Prevention Partnership 

The Tri-County Overdose Prevention Partnership is a community-based partnership committed to addressing prescription opioid misuse and overdose in Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas Counties. Goals:
  • Preventing overdose deaths in three county area
  • Increasing awareness and education of the factors leading to and preventing overdose

What Can We Do Right Now?

Opioid addiction and misuse can affect all of us. There are a few steps we can take to prevent prescription drugs from being misused and reduce the likelihood of addiction.
  • Safe Storage and Disposal: Store prescription drugs safely. Unused or expired medications should be properly disposed of as soon as possible. 
  • Safe Use: Always take prescription drugs as prescribed by your physician. 
  • Prevention: Naloxone/Narcan can reverse an overdose and save a life when administered on time. It is available without a prescription at pharmacies statewide. More information
  • Treatment