Case Updates

Please monitor your health. If you have a fever OR cough OR sore throat OR shortness of breath, then stay home and stay away from others. You might have COVID-19. In particular, make sure you stay away from older adults, people with weak immune systems, and people with chronic health problems.

People with COVID-19 can have mild symptoms – these individuals are not being tested but are still contagious. 

Case updates for Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas Counties

Case counts reflect ONLY persons with a positive COVID-19 test. COVID-19 is likely widespread throughout our communities. Data is updated daily from case investigations by our epidemiologists and may not reflect the number of cases in real-time. Our epidemiologists are investigating COVID-19 cases to control and prevent the spread of illness to others. 

COVID-19 Case Reporting

The cases in each municipality may change through the course of the investigation. If a case resides in another city/county, the number will be corrected and updated on a continual basis. Thank you for your patience.