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Posted on: April 30, 2018

May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

Let's take a moment and ponder this: How might teen pregnancy affect our lives? Whether it means delaying your goals, changing your life plan, or simply taking on something really, really tough—like becoming a parent—right in the middle of a time in your life when you already have so much going on.

So this May, stop and think about...wait for! Ever think about it? What about actually having sex? What will you do when you’re in that situation? The best time to think about how you’d handle something risky is before it actually happens. Will you say no? If so, how will you say it? And if you do go all the way, how will you protect yourself and your future? 

These can be tough questions, but it is important to reflect on them and even discuss them with your partner, trusted friend, or family member......OR visit one of our clinic locations and talk to a nurse about it. We welcome you and look forward to the opportunity to talk with you. 

Have some fun, learn some new info, and test your knowledge with the National Pregnancy Prevention Quiz! (via Stay Teen )


Did you know that the laws FOR TEENS in Colorado on Sexting changed in January 2018. There are potential legal consequences, even if you and a friend or partner agree to send nude photos to each other. There are more severe legal consequences if you possess or share nude images without permission. Know the law by reading the Legislation Regarding Sexting and avoid a potential legal problem. For more explanation, watch this video and read what the Denver Post had to say about it, and pass this information along to your friends!

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