Tell me more about the eWIC card and how do I get one?
Colorado WIC is now issues the new eWIC card to purchase foods with at the grocery store. Shopping is easier, faster and more discrete. Groceries no longer need to be separated from other groceries making check-out faster. Grocery clerks no longer need to review foods to see if they are allowed, their cash register does this for them instead. Families can shop as often as they want each month for their WIC foods. That means milk can be spread out over the month, fruits and vegetables too. You can use self-check-out stations at King Sooper's stores as well. Help us spread the word that WIC is easier with the new eWIC card!

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1. What is WIC?
2. Do I qualify for WIC?
3. Where are the WIC clinics located?
4. How do I apply for WIC?
5. Tell me more about the eWIC card and how do I get one?
6. Can men and other caregivers participate in WIC?
7. Why are the WIC foods for women, infants and children only?
8. Where can I learn more about WIC's Community Gardens?