What is the difference between the tests available?

Watch this video to learn about the difference between the tests available. It is important for you to get tested if you were around someone who has COVID-19 even if you are symptom-free. Find where you can get tested at www.tchd.org/COVID-19Testing

Learn more about testing basics by reviewing the FDA testing fact sheet

Rapid-testing FAQS

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1. Should I get tested?
2. If I have no symptoms, should I get tested for COVID-19?
3. What is the difference between the tests available?
4. What are the symptoms of COVID-19?
5. Should I get tested if I think I have been re-infected?
6. Where can I get tested?
7. Where can I get ongoing care including primary care if I am uninsured?
8. Are some private providers testing?
9. How much does it cost to get a COVID-19 test?
10. What about antibody/serologic testing?
11. Where can I find more testing resources and information?
12. What should I bring when I get tested?
13. How do I get my results from my test?
14. How soon will I get my results?
15. What is the difference between a rapid test and quick lab turn-around time?
16. How are rapid COVID-19 tests different from other tests?
17. What are the different types of rapid COVID-19 tests available?
18. When can rapid antigen testing be useful?
19. Where can I go to get rapid testing?
20. What questions should I ask the site that is conducting rapid testing?
21. What if I am being tested for travel?