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Injury Prevention

bicycle helmet

Unintentional injuries are a significant public health problem. The primary causes of unintentional injuries include motor vehicle crashes affecting passengers or pedestrians, falls, drowning, choking, suffocation, residential fires/burns, and occupational and recreational activities.

Unintentional injuries are among the leading causes of injury and death for all age groups, and the number one cause of death for ages one to 44. Despite being labeled "accidents" many unintentional injuries and deaths are very predictable and preventable.

For more information, contact Maura Proser at

Fall Prevention Network
The Fall Prevention Network is a collaborative project sponsored by local governmental entities and community organizations to enhance the quality of life for older adults. It is part of the Partnerships for Health Initiative, funded by The Colorado Trust.

Tri-County Health Department has created a statewide fall prevention campaign as part of the Partnerships for Health Initiative, funded by the Colorado Trust. For more information, contact Kimberley Watkins at 720-200-1524.

Fall Prevention Network website

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