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Methamphetamine Lab Cleanup

photo of hazmat suits

Clandestine methamphetamine laboratories (meth labs) have been a growing problem throughout Colorado and across the U.S. Nationally, more than 8,000 meth labs were raided last year.

In Colorado alone, the number of meth lab seizures reported by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation has increased threefold in the past three years, up to 450 a year.

Tri-County Health Department provides oversight on the cleanup of meth labs, while working closely with other local agencies, property owners and qualified cleanup contractors to ensure that the affected property is properly cleaned.

Meth production contaminates surfaces, drains, ventilation systems and furnishings with hazardous chemicals. Police estimate that children live in about a third of the homes where meth labs are found. Residual toxins may pose serious health threats to persons exposed to the meth lab environment and to discarded materials.

Qualified contractors performing cleanup activities must provide sampling results that meet the state cleanup standards. A final clearance sampling is conducted by Tri-County Health Department prior to allowing re-occupancy.

photo of hazardous chemicals

For more information on cleanup procedures, requirements and costs, contact Deanne Kelly at 303-439-5909.

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