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Restaurant / Foodservice Licensing and Inspections

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We inspect over 4,300 restaurants and foodservice facilities every year, which benefits everyone in the region every single day. Our specialists educate employees and consumers about safe food handling procedures including proper temperatures for cooking, serving and refrigeration.

Diseases can be transmitted in packaged goods, in meat, on produce and through improper food handling, preparation and storage.

Consumer food safety education is also important since the majority of foodborne illnesses can be traced to improper food handling procedures in home kitchens.

Health Inspection Reports Online:
Tri-County Health Department converted to a new inspection database in July 2013. Inspections are available for all restaurants, childcare, public/semi-public pools and body art/tattooing in our area from July 2013 to the present:
Online Inspection Reports
Inspection reports prior to July 2013 are available by written request to:

New Regulations - Effective March 2013

Contact us:
Food Protection Coordinator
Tri-County Health Department
Phone: 303-439-5907

Revised Colorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations:
Rules and Regs, Effective March 1, 2013

Revised Food Regulation Online Training for Operators
Revised Food Regulation Online Training

Foodservice Business Forms / Classes:
Commissary Agreement
How to Open a Food Service Establishment
Employee Restroom Availability

Proof of Citizenship
Foodservice Inspections - Critical Violations
Foodservice Inspections - Non-critical Violations
Foodservice Inspections - Sample Form

Foodservice Inspections - Explanation

Food Safety Training Resources:
Classes Para la Proteccion de Alimentos

ServeSafe - Food Handler
ServeSafe - Manager - Food Handler - Manager
Tri-County In-Service - English
Tri-County In-Service - Spanish

Foodservice Plan Review Forms:
Foodservice Plan Review Form

Change of Ownership Inspections:
Fact Sheet

Farmers Markets:
Farmers Market Guide
Cottage Foods Act

Mobile Business Forms:
Licensia de Carretilla de Mano
Mobile License Renewal
Mobile License Renewal (Español)

Temporary Food Events Forms:
Temporary Food Events Freq. Asked Questions
Temporary Food Event Brochure
Temporary Food Event Coordinator Application
Temporary Food Event Guidelines Letter
Temporary Food Event Vendor Application
Cottage Foods Act

En Español:
Classes Para la Proteccion de Alimentos
Licensia de Carretilla de Mano

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