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Septic Systems - Onsite Wastewater Systems

photo of home septic system

Tri-County Health Department regulates all individual sewage disposal systems (ISDS) in Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas Counties. Proper site evaluation, system selection and layout, installation, inspections and maintenance are essential in the onsite treatment of sewage on properties that cannot be served by publicly-owned collection and treatment systems. (Publicly-owned systems collect and move sewage from many properties to a single sewage treatment plant, located away from the properties it serves.)

The scope of the ISDS program includes:
1) Issuance of permits (after plan review and site evaluation)
2) Final installation, inspections and certification before the system is put into use
3) Investigation of malfunctions of established systems
4) Enforcement (issuing orders to correct problems and actions against system installers and cleaners)
5) Activities to assure that ISDS are inspected and maintained by responsible management entities

Rules and Regulations
Regulation No. I-11, Individual Sewage Disposal Systems (adopted by the TCHD Board of Health April 5, 2011, effective July 1, 2011). (3MB - 105 pages)

For more information, contact one of our field offices:
Administration: 720-200-1670
Commerce City: 303-288-6816
Aurora: 303-363-3055
Castle Rock: 303-663-7650

Downloadable Forms and Referrals:

New/Expand/Repair Permits:
Application to install, expand or repair

Requirements for submitting application
Policy on submittal of documents
Sample plot plan

Use Permits:

Agreement to repair
Use permit inspection form
Guide to use permit inspection form
Repair verification form
Use permit questions and answers Q&A
Certified Inspectors - Search Engine

How to select an ISDS Professional

Septic care and maintenance guidelines
Regulation No. I-11 (3MB - 105 pages)
Standing water in monitoring pipes
Vegetation over absorption areas
Draft Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems Regulation O-14

Percolation test result form

Percolation test and soils data form
List of licensed engineers

Onsite systems as-built drawing form

Application to install a lift station
List of licensed installers
Affidavit of Citizenship

Septic cleaners log

List of licensed cleaners
Affidavit of Citizenship

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