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Tobacco Prevention and Cessation

photo of ashtray

Tips From Former Smokers: Smoking Causes Immediate Damage to Your Body. Learn More.

No smoking!

The good news is that tobacco prevention programs work! Tri-County Health Department works with public and private partners in our three counties to work on:
• Assisting college campuses in becoming tobacco-free
• Strengthening tobacco-free policies in our school districts
• Working with youth coalitions to decrease tobacco use in our environment.
• Supporting multi-unit housing properties in becoming smoke-free
• Increasing cessation

Contact us:

I am a smoke-free zone!

I Am A Smoke-Free Zone Campaign:
Website TV and Radio Ads

Academic/Scholastic Resources:
Ending the Tobacco Epidemic - HHS Report
Surgeon General's Report on Smoking
Tobacco Documents Online

Cessation Resources:
Baby & Me Tobacco Free - Free Diapers
Become and Ex
Colorado QuitLine 1-800-QUIT-NOW

CO Quit Mobile
FDA Smoking Cessation Products
For Teens
Freedom from Smoking Online
Local Cessation Resources

My Last Dip - Smokeless Tobacco

What Works?

Resources and Organizations:
American Lung Association of Colorado
Americans for Non-Smokers Rights
Bar and Restaurant Employee Coalition
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
CDC Tobacco Pages
Colorado Attorney General Info for Distributors
Colorado Tobacco Education/Prevention Alliance
Electronic Cigarettes
EPA - Smoke-free Homes
GLBT - The Center
Group to Alleviate Smoking - GASP
Hookahs - CDC
Kick Butts Day
Multi-Unit Housing Resources
Retailers - FDA Guidance
Tobacco News and Information

Violation Reporting - Flavored Tobacco FDA
WHO - World Health Organization

Schools / Youth:
Aurora Healthy Kids
Be Tobacco Free
Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids
Family Smoking Prevention/Tobacco Act
RMC Health

Smoke-Free Housing Resources:
Colorado Landlord Guide

GASP Colorado
HUD - Smoke-Free Toolkits Website
HUD - Healthy Homes Program

HUD - Homes for Healthy Families
HUD - Owner Smoke-Free Toolkit
HUD - Resident Smoke-Free Toolkit
Multi-unit Housing Resident Information
Residents - Steps for Problem Smoke

Español / Spanish:
CDC - Cigarrillo - Tabaco
EPA - Hogares sin humo de tabaco
Pañales Gratuitos (Free Diapers)

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