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Water Quality and Disease Prevention

Is Your Well Well? Test your water annually

Water is essential to life. The drinking water we receive comes from ground water, streams, lakes and springs. Therefore, protecting source water from contamination and treating drinking water to eliminate germs are both crucial to providing safe water for the public.

When it comes to water, public health concerns include pollution prevention, water quality testing, waterborne disease prevention and fluoridation of drinking water to prevent cavities. Contaminated water can expose people to waterborne pathogens including cryptosporidium and giardia.

For more information, contact Hope Dalton, Water Specialist, at 720-200-1583.

Downloadable Forms and Information:
Design Criteria for Potable Water Systems
Design Review for Public Water Systems Submittal Forms
How to Disinfect a Well - Brochure
Licensed Well Drillers and Pump Installers
Monitoring for Public Water Systems
State-Certified Water Testing Labs
Water Testing - Freq. Asked Questions
Water Testing Bottles - Order Form
Water Testing Packages (CDPHE)
Well Permit Search
Wellcare Hotline

Toolkits for the Inspection, Recordkeeping and Compliance of Non-Community Groundwater Systems:

Non-Transient (Workplaces, mobile homes parks, etc.)
Transient (Campgrounds, restaurants, hotels, etc.)

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