Become a Radon Aware Real Estate Professional

Radon Aware LogoAs a key partner in helping Colorado residents understand and protect themselves from the risk of radon, Real Estate Professionals can earn recognition for their efforts to share information and resources to help home buyers and sellers take steps to protect themselves and their families.

Radon Aware Criteria

Becoming Radon Aware is simple. To become recognized, real estate professionals must:

  • Attend a Radon Aware informational session presented by public health specialists from Denver, Boulder, Broomfield, Jefferson, Adams, Arapahoe, or Douglas counties
  • Agree to provide clients with up-to-date radon information
  • Encourage the use of certified radon professionals

To schedule a Radon Aware informational session, please call 303-441-1580


To recognize the commitment to protecting the health of their clients, "Radon Aware" real estate professionals will receive:

  • Up-to-date Colorado radon information to share with clients
  • A Radon Aware certificate to post in the office
  • The Radon Aware icon to post on the realtor's website
  • The Radon Aware window cling for car and/or office
  • Free long-term radon test kits to provide to clients
  • A listing on this website as Radon Aware

Radon Aware Realtors

RealtorContact NamePhone CityEmail
North Metro BrokersDale Davis303-452-5853NorthglennEmail Dale Davis
North Metro BrokersNancy Plunk303-880-1501NorthglennEmail Nancy Plunk
North Metro BrokersPat McCune303-548-1444NorthglennEmail Pat McCune
North Metro BrokersBarbara Austin303-898-3960NorthglennEmail Barbara Austin
North Metro BrokersMerlyn Kleppen303-910-8887NorthglennEmail Merlyn Kleppen
North Metro BrokersSally Eddy303-523-5505NorthglennEmail Sally Eddy
North Metro BrokersDiane Lewis303-324-5373NorthglennEmail Diane Lewis
8Z Real Estate LittletonJeff Pater303-564-2090LittletonEmail Jeff Pater
8Z Real Estate LittletonGwen Ladson303-520-5402LittletonEmail Gwen Ladson
8Z Real Estate LittletonVanessa Hamm720-989-6149LittletonEmail Vanessa Hamm
8Z Real Estate LittletonAmy Terry720-981-2752LittletonEmail Amy Terry
8Z Real Estate LittletonAmber Pope720-981-2752LittletonEmail Amber Pope
8Z Real Estate LittletonMary Kealey303-909-1696LittletonEmail Mary Kealey
8Z Real Estate ArvadaShelley Leyba Cale303-909-1534ArvadaEmail Shelley Leyba Cale
8Z Real Estate ArvadaKelly Mates720-343-9686ArvadaEmail Kelly Mates
8Z Real Estate ArvadaNick Schmuecker720-933-8181ArvadaEmail Nick Schmuecker
8Z Real Estate ArvadaMark Gonzalez-Langston720-840-3662ArvadaEmail Mark Gonzalez-Langston
8Z Real Estate ArvadaDan Thomas303-349-9288ArvadaEmail Dan Thomas
8Z Real Estate ArvadaMelissa Quade303-909-4632ArvadaEmail Melissa Quade
8Z Real Estate ArvadaCharles Nefzger720-837-4151ArvadaEmail Charles Nefzger
8Z Real Estate ArvadaAimee Quaratino720-583-6521ArvadaEmail Aimee Quaratino
8Z Real Estate ArvadaRachael Jenkins720-583-6521ArvadaEmail Rachael Jenkins
8Z Real Estate ArvadaMary Cimato720-955-0420ArvadaEmail Mary Cimato
8Z Real Estate ArvadaZachariah Baker720-442-2922ArvadaEmail Zachariah Baker
8Z Real Estate ArvadaLiesel Wilbur720-234-4225ArvadaEmail Liesel Wilbur
8Z Real Estate ArvadaChad Murphy303-466-9296ArvadaEmail Chad Murphy
8Z Real Estate ArvadaTamara Bray303-898-7494ArvadaEmail Tamara Bray
Golden Real EstateKristi Brunel303-525-2520GoldenEmail Kristi Brunel
Golden Real EstateCharles Brown303-885-7855GoldenEmail Charles Brown
Golden Real EstateLeo Swoyer720-933-1968GoldenEmail Leo Swoyer
Golden Real EstateKim Taylor303-304-6678GoldenEmail Kim Taylor
Golden Real EstateJim Smith303-525-1851GoldenEmail Jim Smith
Golden Real EstateJim Swanson303-929-2727GoldenEmail Jim Swanson
Keller Williams Castle RockKristen Henry303-883-0144Castle RockEmail Kristen Henry
Keller Williams Castle RockDorothy Kielty720-737-2991Castle RockEmail Dorothy Kielty
Keller Williams Castle RockAngela Feeza303-653-4709Castle RockEmail Angela Feeza
Aurora Association of RealtorsDavid DeElena720-275-2091AuroraEmail David DeElena
Aurora Association of RealtorsDorothy Jones303-726-0731AuroraEmail Dorothy Jones
Aurora Association of RealtorsAlex Kishinevsky720-718-9364AuroraEmail Alex Kishinevsky
Aurora Association of RealtorsFlora DuPree303-587-8588AuroraEmail Flora DuPree
Aurora Association of RealtorsAnn Howell303-910-6557AuroraEmail Ann Howell
Aurora Association of RealtorsVickie Nelson303-489-8367AuroraEmail Vickie Nelson
Aurora Association of RealtorsSheryl Cinnamon720-837-5874AuroraEmail Sheryl Cinnamon
Aurora Association of RealtorsBarry Miller303-888-3788AuroraEmail Barry Miller
Aurora Association of RealtorsCheri Long303-263-2072AuroraEmail Cheri Long
Aurora Association of RealtorsSandy Kauffman303-748-4790AuroraEmail Sandy Kauffman
Aurora Association of RealtorsKaren Hermelink303-809-3906AuroraEmail Karen Hermelink
Aurora Association of RealtorsEyamide Garrett720-987-6602AuroraEmail Eyamide Garrett
Aurora Association of RealtorsNancy Griffin720-936-5785AuroraEmail Nancy Griffin
Aurora Association of RealtorsPaulette Tuttle303-818-2205AuroraEmail Paulette Tuttle
Aurora Association of RealtorsAnn Bartels303-880-8489AuroraEmail Ann Bartels
Aurora Association of RealtorsDick Stephenson303-669-5727AuroraEmail Dick Stephenson
Aurora Association of RealtorsChris Yedo303-358-1147AuroraEmail Chris Yedo
Aurora Association of RealtorsBeth Gillard720-353-7015AuroraEmail Beth Gillard
Aurora Association of RealtorsWill Hamm303-358-1147AuroraEmail Will Hamm
Aurora Association of RealtorsShelley Hodge720-775-8444AuroraEmail Shelley Hodge
Aurora Association of RealtorsKim Enomoto303-517-7224AuroraEmail Kim Enomoto
Aurora Association of RealtorsAngie Dziurgot303-995-6425AuroraEmail Angie Dziurgot
Aurora Association of RealtorsRon Tallman303-369-8877AuroraEmail Ron Tallman
Aurora Association of RealtorsDavid Barber303-671-3037AuroraEmail David Barber
RE/MAX Alliance on WalnutMary Hostetter303-442-3180BoulderEmail Mary Hostetter
RE/MAX Alliance on WalnutKitzie Pettersen303-442-3180BoulderEmail Kitzie Pettersen
RE/MAX Alliance on WalnutChristina Davies303-442-3180BoulderEmail Christina Davies
RE/MAX Alliance on WalnutTodd Lorrien303-442-3180BoulderEmail Todd Lorrien
RE/MAX Alliance on WalnutTom Kahn303-442-3180BoulderEmail Tom Kahn
RE/MAX Alliance on WalnutJacky Tamsin303-442-3180BoulderEmail Jacky Tamsin
RE/MAX Alliance on WalnutKaren Barrocas303-442-3180BoulderEmail Karen Barrocas
RE/MAX Alliance on WalnutJanet Lyons303-442-3180BoulderEmail Janet Lyons
RE/MAX Alliance on WalnutArn Rasker303-442-3180BoulderEmail Arn Rasker
RE/MAX Alliance on WalnutLeyla Steele303-442-3180BoulderEmail Leyla Steele
RE/MAX Alliance on WalnutAndy Sepac303-442-3180BoulderEmail Andy Sepac
RE/MAX Alliance on WalnutDonald Cicchillo303-442-3180BoulderEmail Donald Cichillo
RE/MAX Professionals Lakewood Bud Kinch303-985-4555LakewoodEmail Bud Kinch
RE/MAX Professionals Lakewood Chris Schack303-985-4555LakewoodEmail Chris Schack
RE/MAX Professionals Lakewood Rhonda Lawrence303-985-4555LakewoodEmail Rhonda Lawrence
RE/MAX Professionals Lakewood Mike Thys303-907-8660LakewoodEmail Mike Thys
RE/MAX Professionals Lakewood Carl Dawson303-888-4411LakewoodEmail Carl Dawson
RE/MAX Professionals Lakewood Al Parker303-985-4555LakewoodEmail Al Parker
RE/MAX Professionals Lakewood Steve Weber303-985-4555LakewoodEmail Steve Weber
RE/MAX Professionals Lakewood Cyndi Foster303-478-1382LakewoodEmail Cyndi Foster
RE/MAX Professionals Lakewood Steve Westfall720-884-6350LakewoodEmail Steve Westfall
RE/MAX Professionals Lakewood Greg Dach303-525-9006LakewoodEmail Greg Dach
RE/MAX Professionals Lakewood Phil Barru303-985-4555LakewoodEmail Phil Barru
RE/MAX Professionals Lakewood Annie Schneider303-985-4555LakewoodEmail Annie Schneider
RE/MAX Professionals Lakewood Jim Erpelding303-916-6677LakewoodEmail Jim Erpelding
RE/MAX Professionals Lakewood Patti Hogan303-919-5171LakewoodEmail Patti Hogan
RE/MAX Alliance LouisvilleSteve Anderson303-521-8260LouisvilleEmail Steve Anderson
RE/MAX Alliance LouisvilleJody Gray303-497-0562LouisvilleEmail Jody Gray
RE/MAX Alliance LouisvilleRon Steinmann720-849-3290LouisvilleEmail Ron Steinmann
RE/MAX Alliance LouisvilleDustin Sagrillo303-748-1719LouisvilleEmail Dustin Sagrillo
RE/MAX Alliance LouisvilleChris Ermold303-666-6500LouisvilleEmail Chris Ermold
RE/MAX Alliance LouisvilleLynn Saul720-202-0081LouisvilleEmail Lynn Saul
RE/MAX Alliance LouisvilleDanna Hinz303-666-6500LouisvilleEmail Danna Hinz
RE/MAX Alliance LouisvilleJordan Saul720-220-1083LouisvilleEmail Jordan Saul
RE/MAX Alliance LouisvilleElizabeth Ryterski720-300-5680LouisvilleEmail Elizabeth Ryterski
RE/MAX Alliance LouisvilleLaura Shaffer303-666-6500LouisvilleEmail Laura Shaffer
RE/MAX Alliance LouisvilleChad Smith303-819-1971LouisvilleEmail Chad Smith
RE/MAX Alliance LouisvilleEric Edwards303-666-6500LouisvilleEmail Eric Edwards
RE/MAX Alliance LouisvilleDuane Caraballo303-666-6500LouisvilleEmail Duane Caraballo
RE/MAX Alliance LouisvilleLois Joyce303-666-6500LouisvilleEmail Lois Joyce
RE/MAX 100 LakewoodRobert Baker303-232-4444LakewoodEmail Robert Baker
RE/MAX 100 LakewoodRaul Ochoa303-232-4444LakewoodEmail Raul Ochoa
RE/MAX 100 LakewoodTammy Deitz303-232-4444LakewoodEmail Tammy Deitz
RE/MAX 100 LakewoodKathe Lundhagen303-232-4444LakewoodEmail Kathe Lundhagen
RE/MAX 100 LakewoodKathy Evans303-564-5663LakewoodEmail Kathy Evans
RE/MAX 100 LakewoodLisa Robles303-435-8601LakewoodEmail Lisa Robles
RE/MAX 100 LakewoodLisa Muilenburg303-232-4444LakewoodEmail Lisa Muilenburg
RE/MAX 100 LakewoodZach Velline303-810-9642LakewoodEmail Zach Velline
RE/MAX 100 LakewoodTom Tamburello303-697-7777LakewoodEmail Tom Tamburello
RE/MAX 100 LakewoodDave Livingston303-202-2205LakewoodEmail Dave Livingston
RE/MAX 100 LakewoodKate Getchell303-232-4444LakewoodEmail Kate Getchell
RE/MAX 100 LakewoodNick Evancich303-912-6425LakewoodEmail Nick Evancich
RE/MAX 100 LakewoodPauline Goetz303-232-4444LakewoodEmail Pauline Goetz
RE/MAX 100 LakewoodAnne Cucchi303-202-2282LakewoodEmail Anne Cucchi
RE/MAX 100 LakewoodConnie Hensley303-232-4444LakewoodEmail Connie Hensley
RE/MAX Elite Castle RockCindy Emerine303-865-3400Castle RockEmail Cindy Emerine
RE/MAX Elite Castle RockAlan Foss303-888-4133Castle RockEmail Alan Foss
RE/MAX Elite Castle RockCindy West 720-219-9494Castle RockEmail Cindy West
RE/MAX Elite Castle RockDeanna Wolfe303-886-8010Castle RockEmail Deanna Wolfe
RE/MAX Elite Castle RockCamille Courtney720-390-8434Castle RockEmail Camille Courtney
RE/MAX Elite Castle RockGreg Walker720-441-3131Castle RockEmail Greg Walker
RE/MAX Elite Castle RockKelly Chapple303-805-4333Castle RockEmail Kelly Chapple
RE/MAX Elite Castle RockEmily Burgett303-865-3400Castle RockEmail Emily Burgett
RE/MAX Elite Castle RockDoug Ridder303-865-3400Castle RockEmail Doug Ridder
Keller Williams-Park MeadowsRoy Teng303-768-9200Lone TreeEmail Roy Teng
Keller Williams-Park MeadowsDominique Coupe303-768-9200Lone TreeEmail Dominique Coupe
Keller Williams-Park MeadowsDaniel Strajna303-768-9200Lone TreeEmail Daniel Strajna
Keller Williams-Park MeadowsAmanda Foltz720-256-4638Lone TreeEmail Amanda Foltz
Keller Williams-Park MeadowsDelia Thompson720-984-7476Lone TreeEmail Delia Thompson
Keller Williams-Park MeadowsJames Gallinger720-696-3100Lone TreeEmail James Gallinger
Keller Williams-Park MeadowsRob Wylie303-886-6172Lone TreeEmail Rob Wylie
Douglas Elbert Realtor AssociationMaryanne Averill720-218-8634Castle RockEmail Maryanne Averill
Douglas Elbert Realtor AssociationRobert Meklo303-688-0941Castle RockEmail Robert Meklo
Douglas Elbert Realtor AssociationSteve Thayer303.521.5568Castle RockEmail Steve Thayer
Douglas Elbert Realtor AssociationPete Dattilo303.641.1064Castle RockEmail Pete Dattilo
Douglas Elbert Realtor AssociationElaine Stucy303.660.0801Castle RockEmail Elaine Stucy
Douglas Elbert Realtor AssociationJulie Voorhees303-437-2505Castle RockEmail Julie Voorhees
Douglas Elbert Realtor AssociationJennifer Brink303-653-2738Castle RockEmail Jennifer Brink
Douglas Elbert Realtor AssociationBarb Brown303-903-2351Castle RockEmail Barb Brown
Douglas Elbert Realtor AssociationRyan Parker303-669-6582Castle RockEmail Ryan Parker
Douglas Elbert Realtor AssociationWendy Jones303-688-0941Castle RockEmail Wendy Jones
Realty One Group PremierKent Young303-720-2535Lone TreeEmail Kent Young
Realty One Group PremierLawrence Phelps720-537-8574Lone TreeEmail Lawrence Phelps
Realty One Group PremierMichael Potarf720-244-0103Lone TreeEmail Michael Potarf