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Shopping at your local grocery store for your WIC benefits has never been easier. The following information provides families with resources for a positive shopping experience with WIC. The WIC Program cares about you and your family. Please share your feedback, experiences at the store or let us know if you need additional help shopping with WIC. Just click the button below to leave information or to request a phone call from WIC staff.

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Shopping with eWIC

Shopping with your eWIC card makes shopping quick, easy and convenient (eWIC video in Spanish). The eWIC card offers these benefits:

  • One card holds the entire families benefits.
  • Families can purchase as much or as little of their monthly benefits each shopping trip.
  • Cards are protected with a personal PIN number that can be shared with others if desired.
  • Cards can be loaded remotely without an office visit if a food item needs to be changed.
  • Grocery store clerks no longer need to check which foods are being purchased.
  • Self-checkout can be used at King Soopers stores.
  • View the Colorado WIC Food List & Shopping Guide guide (in other languages).

PIN Numbers

PIN numbers can be set or reset by:

  • Calling the automated phone line at 1-844-234-4950.
  • Log onto and enter in your 16 digit eWIC card number.
  • Call your local WIC office to reset your PIN or if you have questions.

Food Benefit Balance

Know your monthly balance and which foods can be purchased to avoid confusion at the check-out stand by:

  • Download the WICShopper app, register your eWIC card and click the My Benefits button for your most current balance.
  • Keep your receipt from your last WIC purchase which includes an updated balance.
  • Check your current and future months food balance at
  • Call 1-844-234-4950
  • Ask a grocery store cashier to check your balance for you.

Shopping with your eWIC Card

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