Hidden Sugar: Year Three Wrap-Up

Healthy Beverage Partnership Builds Healthier Communities Together- Year Three Wrap-Up

It may be obvious that sugary drinks can harm your health. However, the amount of sugar lurking in common beverages may come as a surprise. For example, a 10-ounce fruit punch contains the same amount of sugar as 10 cookies.

Bottle of Fruit Punch and the Equivalent Amount of Sugar Measured in Cookies

In collaboration with the Healthy Beverage Partnership, TCHD has been working to prevent obesity and chronic disease through education, environment and policy change through a focus on reducing sugary drink consumption.

The Hidden Sugar campaign educated the community about the high sugar content in many common beverages and the harms of sugary drinks. Media efforts including radio, TV, bus shelters, billboards, mall placements, online, social media and print ads in both English and Spanish raised awareness of common sources of hidden sugar and asked parents and caregivers to think twice before handing over a juice box.

In year three of the campaign, an online pledge asking families to commit to serving only healthy beverages for 30 days was taken by more than 800 people. These families shared their positive experiences:

  • "I've learned that no matter how thirsty you are, a Coke or Gatorade might sound good but there's nothing better than a big glass of H2O- water is great for your teeth and even better for your body." - Sahira Cortez, Brighton
  • "I have really cut back on my diet soft drinks and drink more water now. Fresh-brewed ice tea is my favorite go-to beverage and has so many health benefits." - Debbie Waddill, Englewood
  • "We were already a really healthy family but this just helped us be even healthier. We went from watering down juice with 1/3 water to 1/2 or even 2/3 water and drank even more regular water. It definitely showed in our energy levels." - Jordan Bacon, Arvada

This summer, swap your lemonade for water with fresh lemon slices and check drink labels for hidden sugar! Access more information on Year Three Accomplishments (PDF).

Group of Women Standing Around a Table