Food Pantry Toolkit

Food Pantries

TCHD created the Healthy Food Pantry Toolkit (Spanish version) for food pantries interested in promoting healthy foods for their community members with chronic diseases. Using this tool kit can assist food pantries in improving access to and availability of adequate and appropriate nutritious food for community members who utilize food pantries. Food pantry staff can use this as a guide to help create an action plan to meet the health needs of their community including how to hold a healthy food drive.

"It is time that the first concern in this country is feeding the hungry" states Pastor Kent Replogle. This success story (PDF) is based on the food pantry managed by Pastor Kent. It includes the challenges, solutions, and results of the process of implementing the Health Pantry Toolkit. We encourage more communities to use the toolkit to create their own successes in the pursuit of a decrease in the incidence of chronic disease.

If you have questions about the tool kit or would like additional information on training please contact Sue Howk, RD, at 720-200-1509 or by email.

Healthier Food Choice Labels

Laminated Sign on a Pile of Fruit, Sign Reads "Healthier Choice"