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Illustration of COVID-19 vial in blue with vaccine provider information Opens in new windowWelcome Partners! Communication around the pandemic has proven to be complex in making sure we get accurate information to as many people as possible. We could not do this without your help. Whether you are communicating with leaders, the public, colleagues, or multi-sector partners, this page has exclusive resources for you.

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  • Tri-County Health Department Vaccine clinic flyers in English or Spanish with locations and times.
#PracticeSafeSix Campaign
Circle icon with image of two green stick people staying 6 feet apart Practice Safe Six community awareness campaign reminds us all to take simple steps we know are working to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Let’s work together to get our numbers down and protect our communities by encouraging everyone to hang out together in small groups and #PracticeSafeSix - 1) Stay 6 feet from others 2) Mask up 3) Wash our hands 4) Be extra safe if higher risk 5) Stay home when sick 6) Get tested.

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Practice Safe Six Campaign, including ongoing promotions for Life with COVID-19 Phase I and II


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  1. COVID-19 Materials
  2. Mental Health 
  3. State and National Resources

COVID-19 Resources to Use and Republish

We added some tools and resources to help you and your teams communicate effectively to your communities about COVID-19. We hope this will serve as a great source of support and inspiration for your communications teams. Please check this site frequently for updates and share these materials as appropriate. 

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