Building Vaccine Confidence

vaccine-barriers*Image Credit: CDPHE, February 2021 Statewide Survey COVID-19 Vaccine: Reducing Barriers to Equitable Vaccine Distribution 

Build Confidence

You are a trusted messenger for your employees and community. You can help reduce a key barrier to getting the vaccine - concerns about missing work - by promoting the vaccination with your employees, and even giving them time off to get it. 

  • Identify well-known and trusted staff to be Vaccine Champions. They can then be the primary source for all staff to answer questions and share information about COVID-19 vaccination.

Resources to Build Confidence

Workplace Vaccination Support Webinars

Share Vaccine Appointment Information

Public Vaccination Sites

The easiest way to get appointments is through hospitals, pharmacies, large clinics, and local public health agencies since they receive most of the doses each week.

  • Share the Tri-County Health Department webpage for an up-to-date list of vaccination providers:  

Vaccination Events for Employees

Employer-sponsored vaccination events are not widely available now, but may be in the future, depending on vaccine supply. Employers interested in this option can contact:  

  • Your occupational health provider to see if they would be able to support an employer sponsored vaccination effort. 
  • Your insurance carrier to see if they have providers who can support an employer-sponsored vaccination effort.
  • Existing vaccine providers offering employer solutions. The following providers are advertising that they provide employer solutions for large employers. Please confirm with the providers directly.

Low Income or Minority Workers Vaccinations

In specific employment settings where the majority of employees are low income and/or from minority communities, TCHD can connect employers with vaccine providers nearby that may be able to accommodate linguistic or cultural needs. Email

Resources to Promote Vaccination in the Workplace

Plan to Support Employees

Resources to Support Employers & Employees