PFAS Testing

What is PFAS?

Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are a group of manmade chemicals that have been manufactured in a variety of industries around the globe. Exposure to levels of PFAS above health advisory guidelines has been linked to health problems including liver damage, thyroid disease, decreased fertility, lower birth weight, asthma, high blood pressure, and cancer. Some PFAS persist in the environment, and people can be exposed to these chemicals through air, indoor dust, food, drinking water, and various consumer products.

Fortunately, drinking water from public water providers meets the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations and is safe to drink. Learn more about PFAS:

Identifying PFAS in Groundwater in Adams County

The extent of PFAS in groundwater in Adams County is unknown. However, the eleven areas shown in the map have been identified as areas to further explore whether PFAS contamination is present and at what levels.

Free Private Well Testing

Free well testing for PFAS is available to homeowners living in these areas of Adams County. To qualify, the home:

  1. Must be in one of the identified areas shown in the map, AND
  2. Must have a private well

Complete the request form in English or Spanish if your home meets these criteria and you would like the private well tested. Please make sure to download and then fill out the form before hitting the submit button, otherwise it will not go through.


It is the policy and position of the Tri-County Health Department that the following information regarding your private well should not be part of the public record and therefore should not be released to the public under the Colorado Open Records Act: (a) personal data including names, addresses, telephone numbers, personal financial information, and other personal information of past or present users of private water wells; (b) private water well sampling results at a specific latitude and longitude locations; (c) source water information, including latitude/longitude coordinates, source water assessment delineations of areas that contribute the raw water, and the susceptibility of those sources to potential sources of contamination.

Tri-County Health Department will not release the above information to the public unless the owner of a private well (or past or present user of a private well) specifically gives written permission to release the information. Such written permission may only be granted through the use of a consent and notification form provided by the Tri-County Health Department.

Tri-County Health Department will work with CDPHE to provide a summary of general area testing results to protect public health. This will be completed in compliance with CDPHE and Tri-County Health Department data policies.

If you do not live within one of the designated study areas on the map and are interested in having your private well tested for PFAS in the future, there will be additional sampling opportunities through Senate Bill 20-218 funding. The Senate Bill 20-218 grant program is still in development and information will be available on the CDPHE website in the near future.