Tri-County Health Department, CO


How do I know if I qualify for Medicaid, Children’s Health Plan Plus (CHP+), or Emergency Medicaid health insurance programs?

You can start by going to the Colorado PEAK website to complete a screening form to see if you are eligible. You can submit your application for these health insurance programs on the Colorado Peak website. You can also call our scheduling line at 303-363-3013 to set an appointment with one of our Family Health Coordinators to fill out an application in person.

What if I’m not eligible for Medicaid or CHP+?

If you apply through the Colorado PEAK website, it will show all of the available health insurance plans you do qualify for at this time. You can also find more information about Colorado health insurance at

What is Presumptive Eligibility (PE)?

Presumptive Eligibility (PE) is a program that provides health care coverage for at least 45 days for pregnant women and children under 19 years old. During the 45 day PE time period your eligibility is being determined for Medicaid and CHP+. Call the scheduling line to set up an appointment at 303-363-3013.

What are the differences between the public health insurance options (Medicaid, CHP+, and Emergency Medicaid)?

Medicaid and CHP+ provide medical and dental (dental for children only) coverage with participating providers for families, children, and pregnant women. Screening is performed for both programs when you complete an application based on each program’s income guidelines and other requirements. While Medicaid serves low-income families, CHP+ provides low-cost health and dental insurance for families who make too much for Medicaid. Depending on income and family size, you may need to pay an enrollment fee and co-pays for provider visits with CHP+.
Emergency Medicaid only covers labor and delivery costs for pregnant women that are undocumented individuals, as long as Emergency Medicaid eligibility requirements are met. Emergency Medicaid does not cover prenatal care costs. Clients with Emergency Medicaid must arrange payment for prenatal services with their prenatal care provider.

Do you have walk-in appointments available?

Clients are seen by appointment only. Call the scheduling line today to set an appointment at a Tri-County Health Department Presumptive Eligibility clinic near you 303-363-3013.

What will happen during my Presumptive Eligibility appointment?

A family health coordinator will collect your personal documents, assist you in the completion of your application, and forward the paperwork to the appropriate county or CHP+ office. If you are being seen for a pregnancy PE appointment, you will meet with a registered nurse (RN) in addition to the family health coordinator. The RN will perform a pregnancy test (if needed), review your medical history, perform a prenatal assessment, and provide you with additional resources that may support you in your pregnancy.

What if I have concerns or questions about my Medicaid or CHP+?

If you live in Adams, Arapahoe, Douglas, or Elbert counties in Colorado, you can call our Healthy Communities Outreach Line at 303-873-4404. The Healthy Communities Program can help you find a doctor, specialist, or help connect you with additional county resources.