How do you keep patients safe during COVID-19?

It is safe and strongly recommended to continue getting routine vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Continued vaccination is important to prevent outbreaks of diseases like measles and whooping cough. Read this information from the CDC

Screening: All clients are screened for COVID-19 symptoms and recent exposure before entering the clinic.  Staff are screened before starting their workday.

Masks required: Everyone in clinic age 12 and up is required to wear face coverings. Children ages 2-11 are encouraged to wear a face mask, if tolerated. Glass barriers are set up at the check-in counters. Nurses also wear standard personal protective equipment when within six feet of patients. In addition to a face mask, they wear goggles or a face shield and gloves. 

Social distancing: Clinic capacity is reduced to allow for proper social distancing. Waiting areas are marked at least 6 feet apart. 

Disinfecting: High-touch surfaces like door handles and countertops are cleaned every hour. Exam rooms are cleaned after each client encounter.

If you have questions or concerns about these protocols, call 303-451-0123 and ask to speak to a nurse.

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