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Environmental Health

  1. Environmental Record Review

    This form is used to request an assessment of a site associated with Phase I Environmental site assessment. Environmental site... More…

  2. Report a Food Poisoning / Illness

    Form used to report a food poisoning/illness

  3. Restaurant Ratings Focus Group July 24, 2019, at Arapahoe County CentrePoint Plaza, 14980 E. Alameda Drive, Aurora 80012

    The purpose of this focus group is to seek input from consumers about a rating system that the state health department is proposing to... More…

  1. Report a Dead Animal/Bird

    Online Dead Animal/Bird Report Submission Form

  2. Report a Public Health Problem

    Use this form to report a public health problem

  3. Septic Record Request

    Use this form to request copies of On-Site Wastewater Treatment System (Septic) property records.