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1. There is a Statewide public health order and a TCHD local public health order, which rules do I follow?
2. Why is a modified Dial being adopted?
3. Is the Statewide or TCHD Order more protective?
4. What requirements are staying in place in this new simplified Dial?
5. What requirements are going away?
6. With CDPHE’s industry specific guidance no longer required, are there still things I should be doing to keep people safe in my unique setting? What about in Level Clear when all requirements go away?
7. How does the new hospital admission rate metric work?
8. What if a County’s hospital admission rate exceeds Level Clear metrics on May 16 when Phase II begins?
9. Are there any restrictions on outdoor events?
10. Are there any limits on indoor events?
11. Do performers still need to observe increased distancing?
12. Are self-serve buffets permitted?
13. Can businesses offer samples?
14. Do I still need to symptom screen employees or customers?
15. Do I need to continue providing reasonable accommodations to employees at high risk or who have been vaccinated?
16. Is the Five-Star Certification Program still in place?