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1. What is the status of the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (RMA) cleanup? Where can I get more information on RMA?
2. Is my well water safe to drink? Should I be worried about any RMA contaminants in my groundwater?
3. Can you provide me any sampling information on my existing well on my property?
4. Can Tri-County Health Department test my well water and do I have to pay for this?
5. What is 1,4-dioxane and why did Tri-County Health Department notify me about this contaminant?
6. Can I use my well water to water my garden?
7. Can I still get a tap from South Adams County Water and Sanitation District?
8. Can you provide me with groundwater information on a property for a Phase I site assessment?
9. I have experienced an odor. What should I do?
10. I see dust coming from Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Should I be concerned?
11. Is it safe to buy a house near RMA?