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1. How do I apply for an available employment opportunity at Tri-County Health Department?
2. What are your current available employment opportunities?
3. What are the benefits provided by TCHD?
4. I am interested in learning more about how TCHD is structured? May I have an organizational chart?
5. I am interested in learning more about Tri-County Health Department. Can you provide any information about the various programs and services Tri-County Health Department offers?
6. Does Tri-County Health Department accept volunteers?
7. I am interested in applying for an employment opportunity. May I have an application?
8. How often are available positions updated?
9. I’ve submitted my resume and/or application, when will I be contacted to schedule an interview?
10. I have an interview at Tri-County Health Department. It is currently snowing pretty hard outside. I am wondering if TCHD will remain open through the snow storm.
11. I would like to obtain verification of employment for a current and/or former employee. Who should I direct my request to?
12. How do I apply for a practicum opportunity?