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1. What are symptoms of lead poisoning in a child?
2. How does a child get exposed to lead?
3. What in my home may contain lead?
4. What can I do to protect myself and my family from exposure to lead?
5. What services does Tri-County Health provide if my child has an elevated blood lead level (EBLL)?
6. What foods should I feed my child to reduce the absorption of lead in her body?
7. If my child has an elevated blood lead level (EBLL), what is the one most effective thing I can do to prevent further exposure?
8. How can I find a Colorado certified lead contractor to permanently remove lead-based paint in my home or hire a certified lead professional who can do a lead evaluation of my home?
9. Are there regulations for testing painted surfaces like walls and windows in a home prior to renovations, remodeling projects, repairs, and painting jobs?
10. Can family members bring home lead from their job and lead poison my child?